Space. The Final Frontier

One of the most costly requirements of any new or existing business is space. Whether retail or commercial, businesses need an operating space and this can contribute largely to their overhead. It may result in their ultimate success or failure.

At we offer a database where members can post their extra space for sharing and those looking for space can connect with them.

Sharing retail or commercial space offers reduced costs and increased flexibility.

Some of the Benefits:

Make use of unused space
Extra cash each month
Add Value to your Customer base
Increase store traffic
Reduce costs by sharing rent
Share Utility Costs
Co-Op Advertising 
Expand your audience
Reduced risk for start-up or expanding businesses

Some of the Options:

Retail and Pop Up Retail
Co Sharing
Gallery / Display
In Store Video / Website
Commercial / Office
Advertising / Mural
Stylist / BarberChair
Trade/Convention Booth

The sharing economy is on the rise worldwide. Businesses such as Airbnb, Uber, Lyft are just a few examples. Restaurants rent out wall space to artists, gyms rent out space to juice bars, business people share office space.

Join us to explore sharing space for your business needs.  Your first month is FREE.

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